Prestige Fundraising


Frequently asked questions

What percentage of profit will we make ?

While other companies may offer as little as 30% profit, Prestige offers approximately 50% (or more)profit. (Prices vary depending on product chosen as well as quantity ordered. Call for specific prices: 514-994-9140  or .

How much total profit will we make ?

An average elementary school will make around $50.00 per student. As an example, an elementary school of 500 students can expect a profit of $25000.00. Well organized campaigns however, frequently obtain even higher profits.

A smaller group, such as a scouting or sports group, for example, can usually make about $100.00 per seller. A group of 15sellers, for example, would expect to make $1500,00 profit.

What is the minimum order ?

The minimum order depends on which program you are interested in. For details please call us at : 514-994-9140 .

Is there a charge for delivery ?

No ! Prestige offers free delivery throughout the province of Quebec.

Can I return unsold chocolate ?

Yes! Prestige will credit you for all unopened cases of chocolate. Call or rmail for details on other programs.

Comments and questions:

Please let us know any comments or questions you may have. Ask to speak to Kevin Doyle (Owner).

By phone: 514-994-9140